Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Babies

My babies, Jonathan (L) and Benjamin (R) enjoy eachother's company while looking out of the window this afternoon.

How did I ever get so blessed?

Friday, June 4, 2010

On My Toes

It's been a long time since I've written on this blog. Whatever time I do have, I've been updating my Minute for Mom blog, though quiet time for mommy doesn't seem as plentiful anymore. Ever since the boys started walking... and running... and climbing... these boys keep me on my toes!

Want to know what Jack and Ben have been up to?

Ben learned to do a somersault. Well, not really. I still have to push him into it. But he waits for me to do it!

Ben and Jack love playing in my cupboard, the one place they're allowed to play in in the kitchen that I've fully stocked just for them. The other ones are locked. I just couldn't stand to let them pinch their fingers (or their brother's fingers) in trying to get each of them open!

They discovered another use for the toy basket. (Ben and Jack)

We got a bigger toy box. They learned how to climb into that, too. (Ben and Jack)

Here's how Ben did it.

Ben and Jack enjoy a quiet moment in front of the window, still one of their favorite pasttimes (if they're not trying to take a nose-dive off the couch!)

Ben got on the walker all by himself and can even push himself forward or backward.

Jack and Ben look to see if there's anything good in the fridge.

Ben can climb the stairs at the playground (at Mississippi Mudds in Tonawanda, NY)

Jack climbed up using his feet, not his hands!

But they're just so cute. Adorable, adventureous, laughable, playful, courageous little boys. (Ben and Jack) I can only imagine what excitement awaits us in Year Two!