Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Weeks or Less

Me and my (currently nameless) baby girl and I at 33 weeks and 5 days. I honestly can't believe we'll be meeting our little one in six weeks...or less!!!  
Lately, I'm feeling exhausted and uncomfortable. But since those are normal side effects of a normal pregnancy, I'm trying to take them in stride and stay positive. I can feel the ligaments in my legs loosening, making it difficult to walk for more than a few minutes at a time or find a comfortable sleeping position. She's quite the mover, too! That little thing's got more room than my boys ever did and man, is she enjoying it! Again, though, I am very grateful for a seemingly healthy baby. I've been going to my OB ever other week to check my weight, blood pressure and to measure my belly, etc. After our next appointment, I'll be going every week. He said that we'll be having a sonogram at 36/37 weeks to see how the baby is measuring and to make a plan for delivery. I miss not having as many sonograms with this normal pregnancy as I did with my 'high risk' one!

I'm trying to make progress on my Baby To Do List, but progress feels especially slow when you've got two toddlers and you're already moving at a third of your normal speed. I don't get many bursts of energy, but when I do, I don't stop until I've done as much as I possible could...and then I need a few days for my body to recover :) We're headed in the right direction, though.

It is wonderful seeing all of the pink in our laundry. I honestly wouldn't have minded another boy, but having always wanted a daughter, seeing the pink and purple makes me all warm inside. I think my husband is getting excited/increasingly nervous, too. Andy grew up with three other brothers, but has since had three nieces, who he's crazy about. I think that has helped him imagine what he might be like as a daddy of a little girl...cause everything else in his blood screams wrestling, jostling and chasing! And my boys couldn't love their daddy any more than they already do. Our baby girl is going to have him wrapped around her little finger. I just know it.

Six more weeks? Wow. Better sneak in a nap while the boys are down so my little one can grow :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training, Day One

We started our Potty Training Journey on Monday, January 30th when I was 31 weeks pregnant. Gosh, what was I thinking? Thankfully, the boys did remarkably well (and I didn't go into preterm labor - bonus!) I used the Three Day Potty Training program, even though I knew it would take more than three days.

Ben was the first to jump on board; he was excited about this from the beginning. Here he is, showing off his first pick of underwear for the week: Mr. Incredible.
Jack, on the other hand, was much more skeptical. He looked through the basket of underpants and tried to visualize what this would be like.
"How is this even supposed to work?"
I took this picture just seconds before he threw the entire contents of the basket all over the room. He was going to show me just how much he was NOT interested in wearing underwear. "Nooo!!" he told me, "I wear diapers."
I tried to distract Jack with a trip to the bathroom. Ben (right) was still excited about his underwear and so he gladly went on the potty. Just look at Jack's body language; speaks a thousand words, huh?
Eventually, Jack warmed up to the idea. I let him wash his hands and then he stood in front of the toilet. He's always been a more confident pee-er when he stands.
... and then came the reward. An M&M. Jack was sold.
Then Jack was ready to pose for a picture in his new underwear: Finding Nemo briefs.
That's right, Jack, drink up those liquids!!
 The boys helped me make cookies. The first of MANY batches during this week. It's one of their favorite things to do! It helps pass the time and keep them distracted, so I obliged. Here, Jack is helping me put the butter into a bowl.
Ben opens the microwave so Jack can put the bowl in to warm it. They absolutely LOVE this process.
Ben drinking his liquids, too! You're supposed to give them lots and lots of water and juice to help enforce the concept of using the potty more than a few times each day. Mission accomplished.
Jack understood that he was supposed to go in the potty, but it took a while to understand that underwear was easiest to take down AFTER you've made it to the bathroom.
The boys watching "The Aristocats," one of their favorites from the week. They thought it was absolutely hilarious!
Ben and Jack painting, another favorite activity of theirs. And mine. If it's washable, mommy is a huge fan.
Ben's first nap in underwear and only his second nap in his new Big Boy Bed. I never told him that's not what the ottomans were for (they were there so his bed wouldn't block the cold air returns.)
Jack, comfy in his Big Boy Bed. Would you believe that they've woken up in DRY underwear from every single nap since Day One? (Well, except for Ben on Day Five.) Absolutely incredible. And they sleep for two hours!
Ben, peeling a clementine. We're all about big boy activities in this house!
Ben and Jack discover that clementines are not only a food, but they're also a fun activity.
Jack on the windowsill
My two boys in underwear, Ben and Jack
Ben on the windowsill
Daddy and Jack after a pretty successful Day One!
Ben and Daddy - now you know where my boys get their good looks from.
Mommy and Ben before bedtime. A little exhausted - okay, very exhausted - but very encouraged. Ready for the adventures of Day Two!
Even though Ben was the first to jump on board with the whole thing, it was Jack who seemed to be most successful the fastest. Go figure!

48 More Days

On the little clicker to the right, it says that I have about 48 more days until our Baby Girl arrives. What? How is that even possible?

I've still got clothes to wash.
A crib to set up.
Two boys' baby books to complete.
A huge bedroom to organize. As well as a basement.
A few baby and bridal showers to prepare for.
A name to pick out.
And a TON of books to read!

It's amazing how much faster things seem to go the second time around. Especially when you've got two busy toddlers to clean, feed and chase every day!

This pregnancy has been so different for me, even from the beginning. I had been sick. I've been more tired. I'm not on bedrest and I'm not getting as many sonograms as I did with the boys. What a difference between being a "normal pregnancy" versus a "high risk" one!

Well, I really ought to get a start on that list, washing clothes or making cards for my cousin's bridal shower next month. Instead, I think I'll take a nap. That's what my baby would want me to do anyway.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over

 Ben and Jack, the soon-to-be big brothers, playing around before bedtime.
I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I had to post them both. Just love these two little men.