Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the Baby Belly Keeps Growing

Baby belly at 23 weeks, 4 days (taken December 11th.)

It's hard to believe that we are more than half-way through this pregnancy. We'll be six months along this Wednesday. Phew, how did that happen?

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's been a lot easier to say, "I'll think about the baby more after Christmas." That's when we'll think about getting another crib - because the boys still prefer their crib to their new twin beds - as well as situating the room. For now, I'm using it for Christmas gifts, projects and wrapping. At the last MOPS meeting, one of the other moms gave me a bunch of little girl clothes, something for which I have none, and it's starting to feel a little more real. That, and the fact that Baby Girl is an active little one, reminding me often that she's enjoying all of the space her big brothers stretched out for her.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Sauer is on His/Her Way!

Ben and Jack are PROUD to announce that they are going to be big brothers come April 5, 2012! That's right... we're having a baby! Just one this time. And yes, I'm positive.

Here's my baby belly at 13 weeks and 4 days. (I'm going to keep my tradition of posting belly shots every Sunday.) But the toughest part about your second pregnancy is not knowing how much of your belly is "baby" and how much is... well, not.

Baby Sauer #3! We couldn't be more thrilled that there is just ONE healthy baby in there! I made the sonographer check multiple times, just to be sure. The first sonogram was very difficult and uncomfortable, but the second trimester seems to have brought much more energy and a bigger appetite. For this, I am extremely grateful.

So excited to share more news as we discover it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5th, a Day of Celebration!

May 5th has become a very special day in our house. Not just because it's Cinco de Mayo or even the National Day of Prayer. There's even MORE! In 2007, I married my best friend. In 2009, we welcomed our blessings, Jonathan and Benjamin. Here we are in 2011 and the best is yet to come!

Me and my boys: Andy, Jack (brown) and Ben (blue)

Jack and Ben ready to blow out their candles! 

Jack and Ben are very serious when it comes to cake. And eating. They did great!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Every once in a while, you happen to snap a picture that captures the beautiful nature of little boys. The wonder. The admiration. The love.

My little men. So active, so curious, so adventurous. Taking a quiet moment to appreciate life's finer details. A crumb on the floor. The inviting nature of their twin brother's knee. The presence of mommy's camera and an opportunity to smile.

As much as I drive myself crazy thinking about all of the things I'm doing wrong or not well enough, moments like this make me pause and think, "Well, at least there's one thing I'm doing right."

Gosh, I am so smitten with these two.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me Lads

Jack and Ben think that when mommy says, "Say cheeeeeese!" it means to tilt your head towards your brother. Why correct them when it is so unbelievably adorable?

 And here's the hug. When the heads start tilting, Ben starts itching... for a hug from Jack. (Jack's in the foreground and Ben's in the back.) You can always tell who's a little more into the hug than the other.

This pose made me laugh. It's as if they're illustrating the post-hug pose and saying, "Uh, sorry about that..." "Yeah, got caught up in the moment." Too funny. (Jack's on the left, Ben's on the right.)

Ben and Jack, take two (after our trip to the zoo!) At 22 months, I'm not sure I could love them any more.

I couldn't decide which one I liked better. So I posted them both. We're used to doing everything in twos around here anyway ;)
Happy St. Patrick's Day, from my wee lads!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Rays of Sunshine

On days like this, I remind myself of all of the adorable things the boys do (to keep my mind off of all the mischief they're finding!)