Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Much JOY

It has been such a joy having Jonathan and Benjamin in our lives. They are full of so much personality, so much laughter, so much JOY. They're only 7.5 months old, but if this is a hint of what is to come... bring it on!!!



Jack and Ben



Jack heads for the diaper bag while I play pat-a-cake with Ben

Ben and his nana

Jack - do you hear what I hear?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with my family. I've had some pretty amazing Christmases in the past, but this one was definitely the best.

Andy with Jack and Ben

Ben amidst all of our presents at Grandma Sauer's house

"C'mon, Ben," Jack is saying. "Quit smiling for the camera abd help me open these gifts!"

Grandma Sauer and Uncle Matty bought us a flat-screen tv! Wow! How exciting!

Stealing a kiss from my boyfriend under the mistletoe.

Ben and Jack: my BEST presents EVER!

My nephew, Matthew, is 9 months old and getting bigger everyday! Ellie, his mom, is about 7 months pregnant and due at the end of February!

My Jonathan, 7.5 months

My Benjamin, 7.5 months

Jack with his Aunt Ellie

I never realized that all of my siblings (including me) have a hitch-hiker's thumb! Too funny!

Jonathan and his daddy. Gosh, I love these men.

Jack, Andy, me and Ben - a wonderful Christmas!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ben's Turn

Ben's not even a week behind his brother in lifting himself up on all fours! Neither one is crawling, but they're doing everything else... rolling, pushing, pulling and reaching to get where they want to go. They're growing up so fast!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Enjoying the Moment

Sometimes no words are necessary.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Progress in a Picture

It's true when they say babies grow up really fast.

Last night was the first time that Jonathan got up on all fours. I didn't see him - I was in the kitchen - but Andy witnessed it. It wasn't until later this afternoon that I peaked into his playpen and saw him on all fours, falling down and then getting up again. I couldn't believe it! I put him on the floor to see if I could get a better shot (to view AND to take a picture!) He was not only getting up on all fours, but he was also teetering his body back and forth, like he was getting ready to crawl!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a crawler-in-training!

This piece of information sends me into a whirlwind of emotions. On one hand, I am OVERJOYED for my little one who is perfecting this skill. How talented is he? He's growing up so well! On the other hand, I'm petrified. Having a crawler in the house means I have to baby-proof the house for a crawler for like the ten millionth time since they've been born. We have a small apartment. Where is he gonna go? What is he gonna get into? And I'm so afraid of him falling and getting hurt! I know he has to fall, but I feel so bad when it's time to nurse cuts and bruises.

But today is a day for celebration. (And preparation.) Hooray for Jonathan!

Playin' Around

Ben and Jack play around together on the floor...


Benjamin rolls around

Jack is Super Baby!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Loads of Fun

The boys are really getting to be a lot of fun. They're a lot more interactive now, making things both more exciting and more challenging!

I brought out our Booty Shaker Santa last week to share with the boys. I thought they'd enjoy the dancing little man, but no! I think he frightened them! I wish that I could post the video here as I did on Facebook, but I can't figure out how to upload videos with this new format. :( The boys looked to eachother and to me for comfort after I turned the dancing Santa off. He was a lot more appealing to them after he had been silenced! Even now, two weeks later, they love playing with the doll, but only when there is no sound.

This picture illustrates one of our biggest challenges with twins: keeping them on the same schedule! Ben fell asleep playing while Jack is ready for more!

Who needs expensive toys when you have Tupperware? The boys love cups. They bring them up to their mouths, suck on the rims and make sounds to hear their echo. They're also big fans of spoons. They're easy to please!

They're officially eating now! They have been experimenting with food for more than 3 months, but have finally taken the plunge into swalling it. It is so much more fun now to experiment with different foods now that they've mastered the eating part of it! Their current favorites are peaches, avacado and apples, carrots and apples as well as green beans. Thanks to Andy buying me a fantastic food processor, I've been enjoying making my own food and freezing it in ice cube trays. With the way these boys have been eating, it's going to be a huge money-saver!

Ya see? Spoons? They love 'em. Here's Jack chomping on his spoon after a big helping of green beans.

Andy's Aunt Paula won these little hats for us at a silent auction before the boys were born. I think her great-aunt made them. They were so cute! Ben is wearing a little chicky hat and Jack is an apple. Such good babies.

It's so nice that the boys play so well together. I can stay out of the room longer when the other baby is with them, which is a huge help for getting a glass of water, going to the bathroom or running for my cell phone. Ben is using his empty water bottle as an airplane. :) This picture was taken a few weeks ago, though, before they started rolling around like crazy. We don't play on the couch anymore unless I'm sitting right there with them. They'd roll right off! Our choice area of play is now the floor.