Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Dressed Up

The boys looked so cute in their button-down shirts this morning, I had to take a quick picture before we left for church! Ben is on the left and Jack is on the right. I usually try and dress Benjamin in blue, since he's Baby B... hey, whatever works. :)

Benjamin and Jonathan before church this morning

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Last week (at 6 weeks old,) we begun to find traces of REAL smiles on the boys. How exciting! We still get the gas-smiles-of-old, but we now look forward to the smiles that react to familiar, funny faces. Oh, what joy! I tried to catch some smiles this morning, but it was VERY difficult to get smiles on both boys at the same time. It was still worth the effort and won't discourage me from trying again in the future... and again and again and again... :)

For these pictures, Jack is on the left and Ben is on the right. I wish someone else would have had a video camera to catch all of my MOM'S expressions as she was trying to make them laugh. It was hilarious!

Good Sleepers

Thank God, my boys are good sleepers! Generally, they'll sleep for one 4-5 stint at night and then wake up every 3 hours. I can live with that! It's a far cry from the days of waking them up every 2.5 hours, which we had to do when they weren't gaining weight. But, as you can see, weight gain doesn't seem to be a problem with these boys anymore!

Benjamin, sleeping in the swing at my mom's house

Jonathan, dreaming away at Nana's

Meeting New Friends

Jonathan and Benjamin met three new friends this week: Peter, Bailey, and Alessandra. They're all children of my friends. I was amazed at ho well the little girls handled my boys... such maturity! Here are some photos cataloging their visits.

Alessandra holds Ben while her mommy (my friend, Jahaira) supervises and holds Jack

Ben and Alessandra (3)

Even at 7 weeks old, he doesn't seem to mind the feminine attention!

I'm holding Ben and Jahaira is holding Jack

Bailey, holding Jack and Ben. She was so excited to hold the twin babies!

Benjamin, 7 weeks old

Pete (1,) Bailey's little brother

The little mommy fixes Jack's pacifier

Father's Day

Grandma Sauer with Jack and Ben

Lauren and Jack

Sarah and Ben

Aunt Lisa and Jack

Lauren and Ben

Jack, sleeping on daddy's chest

Benjamin with Great-Grandpa Lombardo

Nana, Ben, and Great-Grandpa Lombardo

My nephew, Matthew, is already three months old!

Matthew David... such a handsome young man

My Benjamin

Aunt Marissa and Benjamin

Matthew enjoyed Uncle Dan pretending to use Uncle Andy's head as a punching bag. Should I worry about that? :)

Aunt Dawnn met the boys for the first time. Here she is with Ben.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Danny's 16th Birthday Party

Today we celebrate cousin Danny's 16th birthday! Jack and Ben enjoyed their family outing, too, and got TONS of attention. A good time was had by all!

My niece, Sarah (7) just loves her new cousins! "When can I be big enough to hold them standing up?" I think she asks me that every time. "Twelve," I tell her. :)

Leah and her aunt hold the boys and point out differences between them

Cousin Leah holds Benjamin

We caught Ben smiling!

Aunt Patti holds Jack. Look at those cheeks!

Leah and Ben match, while Amanda and Jack do, too!

Amanda holds Jonathan for the first time!

Grandma Sauer and Ben

Lauren (5) and Tommy (3) with Uncle Matt

Uncle Matty with Sarah (7)

Leah made the cake for her brother's birthday. It was delicious and had ice cream layers on the inside. She is so talented!

Daddy and Jonathan (his "mini me")

My nephew, Tommy (3)

Mommy with Benjamin

Like father, like son - Danny and Uncle Dan

Andy holds Jack - Grandma Sauer - Leah holds Ben

Tommy plays Pat-A-Cake with Benjamin

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Identical, But Definitely Brothers

The boys are six weeks old! They're getting chubbier everyday (hooray!) and are even starting to smile! We now know they're fraternal - not identical - so we've been finding more and more evidence to prove their differences. That's not to say Mommy doesn't get them confused sometimes, but we're getting there!

Jack and Ben

Jack and Ben

Jack has darker hair, and more of it
Ben's face is fuller
Jack's head seems more oval-shaped
Ben's stork bite around his nose is almost completely gone, unlike Jack's

Mommy watches over the boys at Grandma Albrecht's house

Uncle Dan takes a turn at multi-tasking

Jonathan looks so much like his daddy when he was a baby!

Mommy likes Ben's onesie

Jack holds Daddy's finger while he sleeps