Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jack & Ben Smiling, 12 Weeks Old

Here is a video of the boys smiling this morning - they are 12 weeks old today! You'll notice that most of the time, they look at me like I'm crazy... but I do it anyway. :) Jack is on the left and Ben is on the right.

They've also begun giggling this past week, but I'm going to need someone else to hold the camera for me to capture that. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matthew's Photo Op

This is what happens when you fall asleep and leave your camera around: Aunt Marissa takes some aMAZing photos of our favorite 4-month-old nephew, Matthew David!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pennsylvania Sauers

Uncle Jim, Aunt Paula, and Martha came up from Pennsylvania to visit! We all gathered at Uncle Dan and Aunt Patti's house for a great dinner and time together!

Aunt Paula and Ben

Grandma Sauer and Jack

Leah and Ben

Martha and Jonathan

Aunt Patti and Benjamin

Martha, Aunt Patti, and Aunt Paula with the boys (Jack-L, Ben-R)

Uncle Jim and Jonathan

Daddy and Jonathan - they look so much alike!

Jonathan Andrew

Aunt Patti and Grandma Sauer make Jack smile

Aww, Danny's all growed up!

Uncle Jim, Leah, and Scotty

Grandma Sauer, Matt and Jonathan

Uncle Matty with Jonathan

Danny with Jonathan

Scotty and Leah are getting married in 13 months!

Playing with Matthew

My nephew, Matthew, was at my mom's house yesterday and so I had fun watching him and playing with him. He's getting so big! Four months old (and seven weeks older than my boys,) I enjoy learning what new things my boys will begin to experience in just a short time. They're growing up so fast!

Matthew loved the excersaucer my mom had at her house.

Because he's teething, Matthew thinks everything is food!

Look at those blue eyes!

Uncle Andy was enjoying making him laugh!

But we were all enjoying watching Uncle Andy!


What a beautiful baby - yup, those are some good genes! :)

Ellie feeds him cereal for the second time - he LOVED it!

She couldn't feed it to him fast enough! He was so excited, his hands were shaking under the tray!

Look how my dad is holding my son. Believe it or not, my boys LOVE this position!

And as you can see, Jack's head is very well supported! :) Yes, I'd say he is in very good hands.

Oy. You don't even realize how milky white you are until you compare yourself to your sister, who just came back from Myrtle Beach! I haven't seen the sun in months, since before I was pregnant!

Together in Church

This past Sunday, Ellie and David came in from Rochester, so we all took advantage of our 'togetherness' for some fun photos!
Aunt Marissa holds Ben

Uncle Dan: what a stud

Lauren with the picture collage I had made for her with the boys

Me and Anna - I just love this eight year old

My nephew, Matthew, four months old

Anna discusses the finer things in life with her Uncle Andy

My nieces, Sarah and Lauren

Daddy with Benjamin

Barb and Nana with the boys (Jack-L and Ben-R)

Sarah wanted to hold the boys, so instead of asking me, she started walking away and said, "I'll be waiting in the baby room." She just love these guys! Here she is with Jack.