Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On a Hot Day

Andy had the day off on Monday, so we took advantage of the heat to set up the pool in the backyard! Poor Andy was the one to manually blow up our kiddie pool... thank God he still had breath to spare!
Ben seemed to really enjoy playing in the water!
Don't let this warm photo of Andy and Ben fool you - that water was cooooold!

Jack preferred to run around in the grass. Can't blame him there - I put my feet in the water and that was good enough for me!
The photo above was taken right after Ben fell back-first into the freezing water. Here, he giving the water a good stare-down.
Jack enjoyed playing with the hose more than he did playing in the water. All that power!
Daddy and Ben watching Jack from inside the pool. What a good daddy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Handed Clapper

Andy and I were playing with the boys tonight when I had one of those I've-got-to-get-the-camera moments. The boys were playing with two little flashlights we had gotten for free at a convention a few weeks ago (talk about the simple pleasures!) They would run around the room, swaying their lights around their hands and occasionally, they would fall to the floor. Seizing the opportunity, the boy who had managed to hold onto his flashlight would immediately run to steal his brothers'. Human nature can be an ugly thing sometimes. But Andy and I got so excited when the boys would run to pick up the fallen toy and hand it to his brother! "Yaaaaaaaay!" we would yell, much to the boys' delight. Then we started clapping. This was definintely something we wanted to reinforce.

Ben got so excited about the fact that Mommy and Daddy were clapping, he would join in, too. The only thing was that he couldn't clap very well clutching a flashlight in one of his hands. So we watched him gently set the flashlight on the floor and rise to continue clapping. It was so cute I had to catch it on video! Of course, in the video we're chanting to get him to clap again, not necessarily to encourage the behavior. Still, I had to do it! :)

Fourth of July

We went to my sister's and my mom's house to celebrate Independence Day!
Jack (L) and Ben (R) take a break from playing to drink their bottle. They usually hold their own unless they're either too lazy or too tired. Here, both applied :)
Jack and Ben during an (admittedly rare) moment, playing together.
Benjamin especially liked this cube and the toys that fit inside.
Marissa layed down on the floor and Matthew came over and kissed her on the cheek. So sweet!
Matthew put the hat on his head by himself. Can you tell? :)
And then he tried putting it on Jack.
Nana and Grandpa with their grandchildren! Ben (red shorts,) Jack (white shorts,) Matthew and Evan - all born within ONE calendar year!
Can you believe this beautiful baby (Evan) is only four months old?
Grandpa with two of his grandboys... Matthew and Evan
Marissa and Dan with their nephews! (Ben, Jack, Matthew and Evan)
There were four... and then there were four MORE! :) Dan seems pretty happy with this sharp increase in testosterone. He was pretty lonely there for a while. heehee. We just LOVE our boys!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creamsicle Heaven

Benjamin enjoys his first creamsicle on mommy's lap. He started on the floor, but by the second taste, he needed to be muuuch closer to the goodness!
Jack is thinking, "Mom, when's MY turn!?"
Jack enjoys the creamsicle, too. Looks like I'm going to have to stock up on icecream this summer!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Friends

Friday, July 2nd, two of my good college friends (Alicia and Amy) came to visit. We gathered at my mom's house - the most central location for all of us - and let our kids play! We had such a great time! We missed our other good friend, Robyn, and her family, though, who make their home in California now.
Alicia with Marissa (2 years old,) Amy with Grace (8 months old,) and me with Ben and Jack (15 months old)
Marissa loves the piano, just like her mommy!
Me and my boys, Ben and Jack
Jack and Ben take a turn on the piano.
Grandpa, Jack and Ben admire Evan in his swing while Matthew gets a runaway toy from behind!
Chief and his littlest grandchild
Amy and Grace - just soooo adorable!
Ellie and Evan, just 4 months old
Amy and little Grace
Ellie and me with our boys: Evan, Matthew, Ben and Jack - so many blessings in just one year!