Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visit with Family

My cousin Cristin came with her beautiful family to visit us this past weekend! I was thrilled they were able to make time in their busy schedule to visit. Harrison is two years old and little Gianna is five months old. Aren't they adorable? We had such a great time catching up!
Gianna - such a doll!
I loved the four of them in this shot: Cristin with Gianna and Harrison with Mary, his grandma :)
Most of our clan! Andy with our nephew, Matthew, Mom with Ben and Jack, Great-Grandpa Dave with Evan, me, Cristin and Gianna and Mary with Harrison (Joey was taking this photo for us!)
Matthew enjoyed playing with his cousins, too!
Harrison and Jack, almost exactly one year apart :)
Jack with his Nana
Cristin and Joey <3
Harrison loves his daddy! Can you tell?
Gianna and her grandma
Aunt Linda and Uncle Ian came to visit with us as well!
My dad had told Ian he looked like James Taylor, so he decided to ham it up to Matthew, singing, "How Sweet it is to Be Loved by You"

Cristin and I with our boys! It's just amazing how fast time goes. Seems like just yesterday we were little, having sleepovers and people thinking we were sisters! Love you, Cristin!